What Causes Neck Pain?
Causes of neck pain include:

Abnormalities in the bone or joints
Poor posture
Degenerative diseases
Muscle strain

It is not uncommon to have a headache and neck pain at the same time. If you’ve been experiencing neck pain along with your headaches, there’s a good chance the two are related.

Most headaches don’t actually stem from pain in your brain tissue or skull — these tissues don’t have nerve fibers that allow you to feel pain. Most Headaches are related to input from nerve fibers in your scalp. These nerves are connected to other parts of your body, including your neck muscles. Sometimes when a problem in your neck stimulates a nerve that leads to your scalp, it can cause a headache.

Headaches that occur along with neck pain are often caused by:

Tension headaches are often a result of stress, which can cause you to tense the muscles in your neck. A tension headache, also called a muscle-contraction headache, results from stiff, contracted muscles in and around the head. In addition to headache, neck pain and pressure are common symptoms of a tension headache.

When the head and neck are in an awkward position for a prolonged period, like when you’re balancing the phone between your ear and shoulder, you can experience both head and neck pain. Sleeping with inadequate head and neck support, such as on an airplane or with an overly flattened pillow, can also lead to poor posture and associated head and neck pain.

  Poor lighting:
When you are reading or doing other work without enough lighting, it can lead to eyestrain and stiffness in your scalp and forehead muscles, then to a tension headache and neck pain.

How Acupuncture can Help:

Acupuncture aims to target the root cause of any condition by working to re-balance the energy channels in the body. These energy channels can become stagnant/blocked or deficient due to either physical or emotional stress, over-work, injury, or poor lifestyle.

How to avoid the pains from happening?

■ If you know you are run down be sure to cover your neck and shoulders when ever moving from a warm area into a cold area and this includes bed to the bathroom!

■ Avoid working out at the gym under an air conditioner. When you are sweating, your pores are open, a perfect opportunity for that wind (from the aircon) to dive straight in there.

■ Going from the shower to another room cover your shoulders before leaving the bathroom.

■ Cold and wind can penetrate the body if your back is exposed to the glass of a window when sleeping.

■ But the number one way to prevent it is strengthen your body’s Qi and keep it strong.

How to Strengthen Your Qi

■ Be sure you get plenty of sleep and eat well.

■ Eat root vegetables more often – they have qi strengthening properties

■ Be sure to do some type of exercise at least 3 times a week – Yoga , Tai Chi and Qi gong are all ideal for strengthening Qi.

Have acupuncture and herbs before your body is run down, that way you are building on the strength of your
Qi instead of recovering from an illness and then have to build up after the illness has gone.

If you have neck and headache Please Contact us. You can get more information on how acupuncture can help your symptoms and insomnia as well. We can help you determine the best course of acupuncture treatment.