The main symptom of Bell’s palsy is weakness or paralysis of the muscles on one side of
the face. The affected side of the face looks flat and expressionless or droopy. Sometimes you may have a cold shortly before the symptoms of Bell’s palsy begin. Symptoms most often start suddenly, but may take 2 – 3 days to show up. They do not become more severe after that. Symptoms are almost always on one side only. They may range from mild to severe. The face will feel stiff or pulled to one side, and may look different.

Other symptoms can include;

■  Difficulty eating and drinking; food falls out of one side of the mouth
■  Drooping of the face, such as the eyelid or corner of the mouth
■  Problems smiling, grimacing, or making facial expressions
■  Twitching or weakness of the muscles in the face
■  A dry eye on the affected side because you are not able to blink.
■  Tearing in the affected eye and hard to close one eye.
■  Increased sensitivity to sounds.
■  A decreased ability to taste, especially at the tip of your tongue.

Acupuncture for Bell’s Palsy

In conventional Asian medicine, Bell’s palsy is known as Zhong Feng which translates as ‘Wind Attack’. This condition was thought to be associated with an invasion of ‘wind’ that causes an imbalance in the ‘Qi’, which is the essential substance of the body, and stagnation of blood. The principle of acupuncture treatment is to expel this wind and enhance the movement of Qi and blood circulation.

Acupuncture and electro-acupuncture (electrical stimulation with acupuncture) are often very successful in relieving the facial paralysis
especially when treatment is begun within the first two weeks of diagnosis. This form of treatment uses natural pressure points on the body and is believed to relieve pain by limiting swelling and inflammation. The acupuncturist inserts small, thin needles into the skin in a number of main pulse points throughout the face and body. Some of the key point insertions will be in the stomach, liver, gall bladder, spleen, large intestine, forehead and hands. There is no harmful side effect to this treatment.

After the Acupuncture Bell’s palsy

After the needles have been removed, moxa(a form of therapy used to increase circulation) is used to remove wind and activate the local blood circulation. This procedure is usually followed for three times per week depending upon the severity of the cases. It is necessary to follow the recommended dietary and stress reduction advices given after the initiation of acupuncture treatment. The patient should drink more water and avoid alcohol and sugary items.

Patients with Bell’s palsy who receive treatment within the first two weeks will experience restored circulation, increased muscle function and reduced numbness as early as after six to eight visits. Some studies suggest that Bell’s palsy patients respond better to acupuncture treatment when it is combined with herbal therapy. Therefore, Chinese herbal medicines can be taken during the course of the treatment. These herbs are believed to have three basic functions; to kill the harmful virus, strengthen the body and promote a balanced internal system. These herbal medicines usually have low risk of side effects.

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